In 2011, China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) took the initiative to fulfill economic responsibilities and social responsibilities, and made new breakthroughs, new progresses and new achievements. With the coordinated and rapid development of the core businesses,the development quality and economic efficiency of the Group were continuously improved. The business income of the Group reached 300 billion yuan, which made us become the first military industrial group whose business revenue topped 300 billion yuan level. In addition, the Group actively took part in emergency rescue & disaster relief, poverty alleviation &donation and other social welfare undertakings. According to statistic, nearly 9 million yuan of donations had been provided by the Group. Meanwhile, the Group was awarded the title of "The National Poverty Alleviation & Development Advanced Collective"… more>>

Technology Innovation

The Group adheres to the innovation culture that each employee is able to be creative to promote the construction of technological innovation system… more>>

Innovative Organization

The Group vigorously promotes technological innovation capability, implementing significant scientific and technological special projects.

Innovative Talents

The Group adheres to attach great importance to innovative talents, which was granted "The Innovation Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas High-level Talents".

Innovative Achievements

The Group obtained 2284 authorization patents and 84 major innovation awards in 2011.

Innovative Talents Recruitment —— Thousand Talents Program

The Recruitment Program of Global Experts is called the "Thousand Talents Program" for short. According to the state development strategy, in five to ten years, the program aims to recruit about 2000 talents for national key innovative programs, state key subjects, state key laboratories, central enterprises and state-owned commercial and financial… more>>

Build "One Hundred Billion Project"

The Group concentrates energy and funds on core mission and civil-military integration development to implement the "One Hundred Billion Project", which gradually forms a civil-military integration development platform… more>>

Quality Assurance

To consolidate customer-focused management concept, the Group pays close attention to the quality of infrastructure and makes effort to improve the quality of products… more>>

Quality Management

Aim to enhance the basic quality of our professionals, the Group reinforces qualification management of them. Based on "Outstanding Performance Criterion for Evaluation", 32 typical firms are chosen to investigate their situation of quality management.

After-sale Service

The Group carries out the complete customer service and customer analysis, and maximizes the integration of customer resources to establish a sound service system.

Production Safety

Construct a safety production management system with clear rights and responsibilities as well strong implementation.

Win the Highest Award of the International Quality Management System

In 2011, with a theme of "Enhancing Organizational Vitality through Further Development of QC Circle Activities", International Convention on Quality Control Circles(ICQCC) was organized by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers in Yokohama, Japan. Seven-color QC group of North Navigation Control Technology Co.,Ltd. under North Navigation Technology Group Co., Ltd., as a representative… more>>

Employees Rights & Interests

The Group devotes to receiving university graduates, strictly complying with China's Labor Law and related laws, rules and regulations …more>>

Occupational Safety & Health

By creating a good working environment, the Group ensures safety and health of employees and takes special protective measures.

Employees Training

The Group worked out the "Approach to Training Management" and tried to pursue the "Action Learning ".

Employees Life Assurance

Establish and improve an assistance system for the employees who living in economic difficulty.

The Sunstroke Prevention System Keeps Employees Comfortable

In order to care for the employees' health, Hubei Jiangshan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. built the sunstroke prevention work system, carrying out flexible working system at a high temperature and keeping off the highest temperature… more>>

The Best Meal in Canteen

Northeast Industries Group Co.,Ltd. built a staff canteen when the company established new factory, covering an area of 5400 square meters.To make the employees have better meals, the company purchased rice cookers… more>>

Care for Female Employees

The female union of Xi'an North Huian Chemical-Industries Co.,Ltd. held the lecture of female employees' health… more>>

Domestic Contribution

The Group always sticks to the principle of "Combine the main business, contribute to society" to enhance donation management… more>>

Donation Enhancement

The Group formulates the corresponding provisions , such as "Measures for the Administration of Foreign Donation"( for trial implementation) .

Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction

The Group is dedicated to implementing the energy saving policies and measures, for instance, scheduling production plans according to the discharge capacity, and gains remarkable achievement.

Green Product

In 2011, a new corporation was set up by the Group, named China North Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Co.,Ltd.,greatly enhancing the ability of energy utilization and level of environment protection.

Emphasis on Helping Honghe County

Honghe County is located in the south of Ailao Mountain, Yunnan Province. It is one of the poorest poverty-stricken countries. Since the year of 2002, The Group settled down to do the poverty reduction work in Honghe County. The Group took education as the breakthrough point, helping Honghe County cultivate specialty industries, which made remarkable benefit in social and economic aspects… more>>

Energy Conservation Transformation Brings Benefits

The major transformation project of Liaoning Huajin Chemicals Group Corporation---cogeneration project was completed and put into production on December, 2011… more>>

Overseas Public Welfare

Persisting in the international operations and localization development principles of overseas project, the Group gives top priority to the harmonization between our own development and economic, social and environmental situations in project-host country… more>>

Actively Hire the Local Employees

By the end of September, 2011, 61 Burmese employees were hired by Wanbao Mining (Myanmar) Copper Co.,. There were 16 Chinese staffs residing at the scene in local, in fact, the Burmese staffs constituted 79 percent of all staffs… more>>

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