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2011 The Social Responsibility Report of NORINCO GROUP: Employee Caring——Employee Rights & Interests

The Group devotes to receiving university graduates, strictly complying with China’s Labor Law and related laws, rules and regulations. Besides, the Group put an end to child labor and forced labor; pursuing equality and non-discriminatory employment policies, which means that equal pay and treatment are carried out among the employees in different nationality, race, gender, religious belief and cultural background.

Occupational Safety & Health

By creating a good working environment, the Group ensures safety and health of employees and takes special protective measures for employees who engage in toxic and hazardous work. We found it is a sensible way to relieve employee’s negative emotions via psychological counseling.

Employee Training

The Group works out the "Approach to Training Management” and tries to pursue the "Action Learning ", meanwhile, we create weapon scientists forums and opened the "Century Management Masters Lecture". Besides, some training courses, in the light of the young and middle-aged management personnel as well senior management, have been held for a while.

Employee Life Assurance

Establish and improve an assistance system for the staff members who get into economic troubles. The Group ensures that there was no poverty-stricken employee living in an unacceptable situation, no difficult employees' children dropping out of school, and we spare no effort to make sure each employee could afford the medical costs.