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2011 The Social Responsibility Report of NORINCO GROUP: Society Contribution——Domestic Contribution

The Group always sticks to the principle of "Combine the main business, contribute to society" to enhance donation management.

Donation Enhancement

The Group always sticks to the principle of "Combine the Main Business, Contribute to Society" to enhance donation management. Moreover, we formulate the corresponding provisions, such as “Measures for the Administration of Foreign Donation”( for trial implementation) .

Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction

The Group is dedicated to implementing the energy saving policies and measures, for instance, scheduling production plans according to the discharge capacity, and gains remarkable achievement.

In 2011, the Group completely achieved the annual target of energy saving. Several groups of statistics show that the Group’s SO2 emission down by 5.73% year on year, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) down by 25.23%. Besides, there was no environment pollution accident occured around the whole year, as a result, NORINCO GROUP was evaluated the outstanding enterprise in energy saving and emission reduction by SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission).

Green Product

In 2011, a new corporation was set up by the Group, named China North Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Co.,Ltd., greatly enhancing the ability of energy utilization and level of environment protection. Furthermore, the Group focuses on the development of the key technologies, equipment and products, which are able to save energy, protect environment as well as recycle of resources in an effective way.