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2011 The Social Responsibility Report of NORINCO GROUP: Product Promotion——Quality Assurance

To consolidate customer-focused management concept, the Group pays close attention to the quality of infrastructure and makes effort to improve the quality of products.

Quality Management

Aim to enhance the basic quality of our professionals, the Group reinforces qualification management of them. Based on “Outstanding Performance Criterion for Evaluation”, 32 typical firms are chosen to investigate their situation of quality management, which is prepared for drawing up the new quality improvement plans of the Group.

After-sale Service

The Group carries out the complete customer service and customer analysis, and maximizes the integration of customer resources to establish a sound service system, which can support product and service innovation, and continues to nurture and meet customer needs.

Production Safety

Construct a safety production management system with clear rights and responsibilities as well strong implementation. The Group continuously improves and perfects each safety production management system, intensifying the execution and operability of safety production system.