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2011 The Social Responsibility Report of NORINCO GROUP: Abstract

In 2011, China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) actively fulfilled economic responsibilities and social responsibilities and have made new breakthroughs, new progress and new achievements. With the coordinated and rapid development of the core businesses, the development quality and economic efficiency of the Group were continuously improved. The business income of the Group reached 300 billion yuan, which made us became the first military industrial group whose business revenue topped 300 billion yuan level. In addition, the Group actively took part in emergency rescue & disaster relief, poverty alleviation &donation and other social welfare undertakings. According to statistic, nearly 9 million yuan of donations have been provided, meanwhile, the Group was awarded the title of the national poverty alleviation & development advanced collective.

In 2012, NORINCO GROUP takes the criteria of “Structural adjustment, technology innovation, lead production and fine management” as paramount and consciously integrated kinds of responsibilities in the process of enterprise management and development, striving to realize the unity of corporate interests, national interests, consumers’ interests, partners’ interests, public interests and the interests of employees. The Group makes an effort to build the arms industry that matched with international status in the practice of building high technology and internationalized arms industry, establishing an ambitious, responsible and respected strategic team and constructing a world-class defense group and important industry base related to heavy equipment, specialty chemicals and photoelectric information.