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2011 The Social Responsibility Report of NORINCO GROUP: Product Promotion——Technology Innovation

The Group adheres to the innovation culture that each employee is able to be creative to promote the construction of technological innovation system. With information and key supporting techniques as the core, the Group based on basic research and advanced research to enhance motivation for technological achievements and perfect the motivation mechanism of industrialization of technological achievements.

Innovative Organization


From left to right:State-Level Enterprise Technology Center; Provincial and Ministerial-Level Enterprise Technology Center; Group-Level Product Development Center; National Defense Key Laboratory; National Defense Industry Technology Research and Application Center

The Group vigorously promotes technological innovation capability, implementing significant scientific and technological special projects. We spare no effort to intensify the plan for major scientific and technological projects and the construction for the state and defense key laboratory, establishing a technological innovative platform system with state and defense key laboratory as the core.

Innovative Talents

The Group adheres to attach great importance to innovative talents, establishing an innovation talents team which is represented by academician of Chinese academy of engineering, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, chief experts of the group, group class science and technology leaders, technology backbones in members units. Meanwhile, the Group has actively introduced high-level talents. In 2011, there were 14 people getting through the assessment of “thousand talents program”, so far, 17 talents were introduced from this program in total. NORINCO GROUP was granted “The Innovation Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas High-level Talents”.

Innovative Achievements

Authorization patent(item)          Major innovation award(item)        New product output value(10000 yuan)

The Group obtained 2284 authorization patents, and 84 major innovation awards in 2011.