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14 North Laser Technique Co., Ltd.

North Laser Technique Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), a large state-owned high-tech enterprise, is composed of Jiangsu Shuguang Opt Electricity Company., Ltd. and Southwest Institute of Technique Physics, and combines the production and research of two units.

The company is based on the laser technique, and focus on the laser materials, optoelectronic device, and the laser application and guidance technique. The core mission of company is to raise the capacity of searching, sensing and precise striking , fully develop the civil laser technique, and promote the integration and development of opt electricity and information techniques. The goal is to be influential on the national level, and become the leader with discourse power in market and trade.

The company position setting is, grounded on the laser and guidance technique, and lays stress on laser, optoelectronic materials, optoelectronic detector, laser application, laser /image guidance, laser countermeasure and tactic laser weapon, etc, and achieves the synchronic development of military and civil laser technique and products. By way of the accumulation and innovation , all the segments will compose an organic , integrated laser technique and application chain, and create to be an “internationally renowned and domestic first-class “high-tech laser company.

There are more than 2500 staffs in company, 1150 staffs are the professional and technical personnel, 50 staffs are granted the special state allowance, and 9 persons are the SciTech leaders in NORINCO GROUP, 3 persons are the leader of critical technique. Among them, the maser and doctor staffs, some are experts and scholars, more than 200 of whom have studied abroad. The institute also has the maser and doctor degrees authority right of optics engineering and built a Post-doctoral work station .The company, with 1.9 billion yuan total assets, has 3 sole subsidiaries and 6 holding and sharing company.

The company, engaging in laser study first, is the national key research unit of optoelectronic technique and guidance technique, and also is the national study, manufacture and production unit of laser and optoelectronic integrated products.

Since the company was set up, the company always adheres to the independent innovation and promotes the technique progress in succession, and accumulates SciTech leading Superiority in terms of laser, opt electricity and guidance on the trade. Among the products and research achievements, more than 200 items obtain the national and provincial SciTech Progress award, and create numbers of “first place” on laser technique and other fields. The achievements got notable social and economic benefits, and contributed to defense and national economy construction significantly. Now the company is the laser and optoelectronic base which is integrated with the Basic research, application and manufacture, system engineering development, and, military and civil production.

Under the command of NORINCO GROUP strategy and value, the leadership team and all the staff accelerate the resources integration, and make efforts to highlight the core business, and try the best to raise the development quality, and continuously improve independent innovation and strategic management capability. We are trying our best to take the initiatives to explore the management model and running mechanism, and adhere to the way of laser technique specialization. We will shoulder the grand, historic mission of national ordnance laser, and with the enthusiasm and dream, carve out the outstanding future for the laser company.