Introduction: October 10, 2012, the Volkswagen annually exhibition of automotive parts and accessories was held in Wolfsburg, Germany. And Lingyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. ( Lingyun), a member unit of NORINCO GROUP, participated in the exhibition with their new products, half of which were the side door latches for the automobiles from KKT, and the others were the pats for the automobiles from Lingyun. September 22, 2012, the acquisition of Kiekert (KKT) by Lingyun was completed with 100% equity, which is the first overseas acquisition project in the manufacturing industry of NORINCO GROUP.

  • Lingyun is subordinate to NORINCO GROUP
  • Ranked 161st in 2013 Fortune Global 500
  • "Lingyun" and "Chinaust" are both well-known brands in China
  • On the list of China Top 500 Machinery Enterprises for six years in a row
  • Over 150 years old tradition
  • A famous company worldwide
  • The leader in the development and manufacture of side door latches for the automobile industry
  • The headquarters is located in Heiligenhaus, Germany

A world leading enterprise

Market share

Capability of research and development

A subordinate of NORINCO GROUP

The abundant experiences in cooperating with the corporations with foreign capital

Equity acquisition of Kiekert by Lingyun under NORINCO GROUP

The signing ceremony of 100% equity interest acquisition of Kiekert AG (KKT) by Lingyun Industrial Group Corporation (Lingyun Group) under China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) was held in Beijing on March 13.

The equity acquisition is a part to implement the strategy of globalization in the auto parts field for NORINCO GROUP... >>more

It was a working day before Christmas holiday in 2011,"from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on that day, we just ordered a pizza while talking to the nine managers of KKT one after another for a whole day , to get to know the situation of KKT in details, at the same time, they get to know us too." The team members of Lingyun said. Finally, Lingyun won KKT's trust by genuine communication.

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