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Brand Image

The meaning of Logo:

  • 1.Explosion-like Polaris

  • 2.Polaris always points and seeks to the north, being a symbol of direction and leadership, which implies that the Group will lead the trend in the world high-tech development, and will be the Big Dipper in the world economic and technological development;

  • 3.Explosion-like logo contains infinite energy and explosive strength and represents the power and strength, which means China North Industries Group Corporation with accumulated strength has unlimited potential and creativity.

  • 4.Polaris points to the north, which echoes "China North" in the English name of the Group.

Corporate Mission

Serving defense security of the nation

To unswervingly take defense as our core mission and provide quality defense equipment for Chinese army by establishing ourselves as a brand name of most faithful and reliable equipment supplier of the Chinese army.

Serving economic growth of the nation

To honor our political, economic and social responsibility and to contribute to national economic growth by holding fast to the path of coordinated development of military and civilian industry and constructing an important industrial base for state-level heavy-duty equipment, special chemicals and optical-electronic information.

Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision is to build an international high-tech ordnance industry, to create ambitious, responsible and respected national strategy team, and to develop the Group into an international-class defense group and an important industry base of national heavy equipment, specialty chemicals and optoelectronic information.

Corporate Values

Always adhere to the principle that the national interest is above all else; always adhere to taking the scientific and technological innovation and management innovation as the driving force; always adhere to taking the qualified people as a decisive factor in career development.

Corporate Spirits

Innovation Openness Realism