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When pandas encounter okapis

Okapis, a mammal found only in the tropical rainforest of eastern and northern Congo, are extremely endangered and are also printed on Congo francs worth 1000 yuan. Pandas, a species unique to China, is known as the "national treasure of China".These two animals have no intersection in nature, but miraculously meet in a painting. This artwork is one of the many works collected by Comica Company in the painting competition for the children of its employees.

Recently, Comica Company held the first "China Congo Friendship Road" painting competition, and the children of Congo employees enthusiastically signed up.The competition collected over 100 works, and children used their brushes to fully unleash their imagination, depict reality on paper, imagine the future, and interpret the world in their eyes.

Among numerous works, the friendship between China and Congo is undoubtedly the most prominent theme. These works all reflect the children's inner favor for Comica Company and their recognition of the friendship between China and Congo. In the future, we will work together with local governments and communities to build a better home and strive to achieve the future vision that children envision.