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Comika Company celebrates International African Children's Day with local children

June 16th is International African Children's Day, and Comika Company celebrates it with the local children. Comika Company of Norin Mining closely monitors the education and growth of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo these years. Every year on the eve of International African Children's Day, Comika Company visits local schools to greet children, select gifts for them, and commemorate the holiday together with them.

This year, children from several primary schools and kindergartens in the Kambove District of Haut Katanga Province, where the company is located, received gifts from Comika Company on the occasion of International African Children's Day. In addition, Comika Company has also moved a mobile amusement park from hundreds of kilometers away and allowed children to have fun for three days.

This is already the 10th year that Comika Company and community children commemorates International African Children's Day together. In the future, Comika Company will continue to support the local children's education cause.