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Singing from Kalubamba

Recently, North Mining Congo (DRC) LamikalCompany and the Kalubamba School in Pumpi Village, Kolwezi City, jointly held a fun sports event with the theme of "Joining Hands to Build a Boundless Childlike Heart." All the "big kids" and "little kids" from the company and school were fully involved, and they were shooting, dribbling, running with the ball and dancing local traditional folk dances together. During the activity, children from Kalubamba Elementary School sang cheerful songs. Local employees of LamikalCompany exclaimed with emotion, "Les enfants sont les fleurs de notre avenir Leur rire é claant, nos ceurs à congu é rir." (Children are the flowers of the future, and their brilliant laughter conquers our hearts.)

Last year, Lamikalcompany in the Democratic Republic of Congo assisted in the construction of this primary school near the village of Pumpi. The school has over 300 students and faculty, and most of them come from the surrounding community.The measures taken by LamikalCompany to improve the local people's well-being have won the great favor from the local people. The company will further strengthen the targeting of community assistance, actively engage in the development of community education, and strive to make due contributions to the local social development.