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Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil, Hayyan Visits Zhenhua Oil's Ahdeb Oilfield Project

Recently, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil, Hayyan visited the Ahdeb Oilfield project of Zhenhua Oil to inspect the production situation of the oilfield, console front-line employees, and have in-depth exchanges with the management team. The project company introduced the development history, current production and operation situation of the oilfield to the delegation of Hayyan. Hayyan highly recognized the significant increase in daily oilfield production which is promoted by the project company in the past years, and called it a remarkable achievement. He pointed out that in the recent 16 years of development, Ahdeb oilfield has not only created enormous economic value, but also provided over 5000 employment opportunities for the local area, which has great significance for social and economic development and people's livelihoods. In addition, Hayyan pointed out that the oil field has provided valuable experience for other oil fields in terms of safety and environmental protection, localization training, and the experience in assisting environmental protection is particularly worth promoting comprehensively.