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The fire extinguisher products of Luzhou North Chemical Industries Co., Ltd have been newly upgraded

Recently, the Type II fire extinguisher products MK70, which were developed by Luzhou North Chemical Industries Co., Ltd of China North Chemical Research Academy Group Co., Ltd under China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO GROUP) has successfully passed the technical appraisal of the Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management and the National Fire Protection Building Material Quality Inspection and Testing Center.The type II fire extinguisher product MK70 developed this time is an optimization and upgrade of the previous generation product MK60. The fire extinguishing level has been raised from 5B to 8B, and the fire extinguishing performance has been significantly improved.At the same time, the appearance of the product has been upgraded from a metal cylinder to a plastic cylinder, which reduces the surface temperature of the nozzle and effectively prevents the risk of burns. It is a new economic growth point that the company focuses on cultivating in the civil industry.