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The first maximum specification tunneling machine of Beizhong Group is delivered offline

Recently, The Defense Division Equipment Mechanical and Electrical Group of Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Corp., Ltd. (Beizhong) under China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has successfully completed the final assembly and production task of the company's first largest tunneling machine, and successfully delivered it to users. Equipment Mechanical and Electrical Company is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and produce tunneling machine products. The company depends on its own advantages, continues to explore new markets for civil products, closely focuses on user needs, and optimizes design from the aspects of safety, stability, and efficiency to make the overall operation more safe, stable, and efficient, which has been fully recognized by users. At present, Equipment Mechanical and Electrical Companies increasing try to improve the digitization and intelligence of tunneling machine. On the one hand, they are seeking cooperation to find the best design scheme for intelligent tunneling machines, and on the other hand, they are tackling key issues on how to break through the remote unmanned control technology of tunneling machines.