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NORINCO GROUP ’s environmental protection "sharp tool" is turning waste into treasure!

After 7 months, the ODR microbial reaction equipment independently developed and designed by Jinxi Axle Co., LTD of Jinxi Industries Group Co., Ltd. under China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO GROUP) and passed the final test recently and reached the delivery conditions. ODR microbial reaction equipment is a kind of new solid waste treatment equipment, through microbial reaction, can be municipal sludge, kitchen waste, leaves and straw materials into organic fertilizer. Different from the general backfill, incineration and other treatment methods, ODR microbial reaction equipment has less pollution to the environment when dealing with solid waste. This result achieves sustainable development of environmental protection industry new ideas and leads the domestic industry products. This project is superior to other products of the same type, because it successfully passed the rationality verification of the overall mechanical structure of the equipment, realized the function of bacterial culture, reached the national standard of sludge dewatering below 30%, and truly achieved the multi-purpose of one machine。