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Jianglucompany has devoteditself topoverty alleviation

The villagers from Fuku said they finally drank the clean water and made their wallets also bulge up.

These happy smiling faces and endless thanks are the best affirmation of Jianglu Machinery & Electronics Group Co., Ltd. underChina North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO GROUP) 's work on poverty alleviation in Fuku Village, Qianling Town, Baojing County, Xiangxi Autonomous Region over the past year.Since 2018, Jianglu groupfulfilled the state-owned enterprise’s society responsibility, surrounded the industry of poverty alleviation, health, education, infrastructure construction.Thenthey usedthe group’s power to help the villageget out of poverty, Recently, Jianglu Group was awarded the "Advanced Unit for Poverty Reduction" by NORINCO GROUP, and its leader Zhu Liqing was awarded the "Advanced Individual for Poverty Reduction".