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NORINCOGROUP helps Xingguo County lift itself out of poverty with high quality

In 2020, high quality poverty alleviation was achieved in Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province where is the birthplace of the people's armaments. Since 2011,China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO GROUP) has actively supported the economic and social development of Xingguo County. Since 2018, NORINCO GROUP has included Xingguo County into the "2+1" poverty alleviation scope and supportedXingguo County's poverty alleviation in terms of funds, projects and talents.In the past two years, more than 4.1 million yuan has been donated to support the construction of Guantian Weapon Museum and the People's Military Spirit Classroom.NORINCO GROUP has also helped to promote a number of industrial projects in China, developed e-commerce, promoted poverty alleviation through consumption,and appointed three more temporary officials to continue the fight against poverty.With the joint efforts of all the helping cadres, the three villages in Xinglian Township received the third-party assessment of national poverty alleviation and the special assessment of poverty alleviation in Jiangxi Province.