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Jinxi Axle has won the largest single axle order this year

Recently, Jinxi Axle Co., Ltd.(Jinxi Axle) of Jinxi Industries Group Co., Ltd.(Jinxi Group) under China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO GROUP) won the bid for 25,831 axles of railway truck parts procurement project from China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.(CHINA RAILWAY) with the contract amount of more than 100 million yuan. This is the largest axle order Jinxi axle has received this year with the winning share and amount ranking first. This order from CHINA RAILWAY is not only an excellent opportunity for Jinxi axle to expand the market and improve the increment, but also an important opportunity to show its advantages in industry, technology and ability. In the future work, Jinxi Axle will coordinate and arrange scientifically to do a good job in production logistics and other support work to ensure high quality output and delivery of axle products .