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The first NTE240 mining vehicle of NHL in Serbia has been officially delivered

Recently, the first NTE240 electric wheel mining vehicle exported to Serbia ZijinMining by Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co. Ltd.(NHL)under China North Industries Group Corporation Limited(NORINCO GROUP)was officially delivered to the user, and the remaining 6 sets will be delivered successively.Zijin Mining of Serbia is known for its bad working conditions in Europe. The successful entry of mining vehicles ofNHLinto this mine benefits from advantages such as high efficiency, low consumption, high durability, high reliability and the lowest operating cost in the whole life cycle of mining vehicles of NHL.The operation and maintenance service of the mine's 7 NTE240 electric wheel harvesters for 15 years is all contracted by NHLwhich is also one of the successful foreign business models of NHL 's continuous practice of the lowest operation cost of harvesters throughout their life cycle.