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KKT’s advantages

A world leading enterprise

From Maybach to Maruti, you will find KKT latches in nearly all vehicles of the world. If it concerns latches for automobiles, Kiekert is the world leader. For over 150 years, KKT is a strategic partner of the automobile industry, on all continents.

Market share

The market share of KKT is the top of the companies of side door latches for the automobile industry. Besides, KKT is known as the core supplier of several famous auto manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Benz.

Capability of research and development

KKT always engages in engineering of innovative technologies and transforming them into marketable products by a group consisted of more than 260 engineers. 

January, 2011, in the period of four months after Lingyun decided to interfered in the acquisition of KKT, a team, of Lingyun had gone to several places to do some research, including the headquarters of KKT in Germany and factories in Czech and Mexico, the branch company in China, R&D center in the United States to confirm the strength of KKT.

Because we thought the sense of this acquisition is to acquire the R&D capability of KKT, instead of the factories only.