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Exhibits of NORINCO GROUP—Beijing North Vehicle Group Corporation

Brief of Beijing North Vehicle Group Corporation

Beijing North Vehicle Group Corporation is a large first-class, state second-class army-civilian enterprise, subordinated to China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) directly. The group was founded in 1946, and is located by the beautiful Lugouqiao, with a site area of 1.13 million square meters, whose total assets reach more than 2.2 billion yuan. Now the group owns more than 4000 equipment, and more than 4000 employees (including about 1000 professionals).With the powerful comprehensive machining capacity and technical development strength in casting, foraging, molding, welding, pressing and coating, etc., the Group has made a great contribution to the modernization of national defense and economic development.

In 1959, the first crawler-type armored vehicle designed and manufactured by the New China was born, whose design was finalized in 1963. In 1981, the armored vehicle produced by the group entered international markets because of its excellent performance, which initiated the history of the large-scale export of China's armored vehicle. Through the antagonism test of same vehicle types for many times, the armored vehicle produced by the group won good reputation of "very firmness and high reliability".

Since its establishment in 1961, the Group got developed from repair, to imitation, to design and manufacture. Now the Group has 8 series and more than 70 varieties of variable research cars, which were awarded “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” for many times, and which also were listed as one of three largest world-famous special cars.

In 1987, Chinese first top-grade “North” deluxe tourism bus was born. “North” bus adopts non-beam integral body construction with strong anti-shock capacity, which can prevent the passengers from accidents, and has rapid fault recovery capacity. In Dec., 1987, the first-batch four “North” buses were delivered to the General Customs Administration. CCTV and People's Daily reported: “North bus puts an end to the history that Chinese top-grade tourism buses depend on import.” In 1990, the Group developed safety inspection car, outside broadcast car, power van and airport ferry bus for the 11th Asian Games; and the “North” bus passed 30 degree inclining experiment and structural testing by Hong Kong Transportation Authority once, and crowded into Hong Kong market. Meantime, the “North” buses were exported to Chile, which initiated the export history of home-made vehicle. The group was listed as a designated manufacturer of top-grade passenger bus. In addition, the group was awarded many honorary titles, such as State New Product Prize, State Satisfactory Automobile Brand and User-trusted Product (golden prize), etc.

Other civilian products include: ZF gear box, top-grade seat, special protection car, limo, folding-jib tapping machine, passenger aerial ropeway, fore-and-aft bridge, high-pressure heavy hydraulic cylinder, and torsion shaft, etc.

In the recent years, through constantly deep reform, the group has formed an army-civilian, self-contained and market-adapted product structure, so the group has powerful R&D capacity, powerful technical strength, perfect production business management system and strict sound quality assurance system, and enhances our market competitiveness. Bank credit class reaches 1A from 2B at the final stage of “The 8th Five-year Plan”. In 1998, the group passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality Management System. At present, the group is a five-star unit in on-the-spot management of the arm industry and one of Beijing Top 100 Enterprises. The Group has made a great contribution to the modernization of national defense and economic development.

Exhibiting Products

Small Wheel and Step Unmanned Platform

Light Wheel Unmanned Vehicle Platform

Small Crawler-type Unmanned Vehicle Platform

Small Wheel and Crawler-type Unmanned Platform