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Exhibits of NORINCO GROUP—Harbin First Machinery Group Corporation Ltd.

Brief of Harbin First Machinery Group Corporation Ltd.

Harbin First Machinery Group Corporation Ltd. is located in Daowai District of Harbin. It was formed in August, 2011. It is combined by Harbin First Machinery Manufacturing Group Corp. Ltd. and Qiqihaer North Machinery Corp. Ltd. according to the requirements of strategic industry structure adjustment and resource integration of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP).

After combination, the staff of Harbin First Machinery Group Corporation Ltd. owns 5305 staff, among them including an academician of Chinese academy of engineering, chief experts and all kinds of special technicians are 835 in total. It covers a total area of 5,607 million square meters and its total assets are 1.838 billion yuan.

After development for more than 60 years, the group has actively carried out the ways of using science and technology to develop the enterprise, which makes the management scale and economic benefit increase steadily. A lot of prominent effects have got in military product science and technology production and ability construction, basic management and talent rank constructions. Its industry structure of civil products has preliminarily formed such as multifunctional tracked vehicle with double sections, tractor with large power, agricultural machinery tools, energy source electric power equipment, petroleum machinery equipment, railway vehicle components and industry complete equipment, etc.

Looking forward to the future, Harbin First Machinery Group Corporation Ltd. will take “Strengthen the army construction to dedicate ourselves to the service of country” as a kernel system, dedicate science and technology innovation, actively carry out duties, grasp the opportunity to emancipate the mind and really pragmatic development to create a respected strategy team with ambition and responsibilities in order to make more contribution to national defense modernization and regional economic development.

Exhibiting Products

Python type All-terrain Double Caterpillar Vehicles

Explosion-proof Precipitation Rocket Launcher