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Exhibits of NORINCO GROUP—North Night Vision Technology Co.,Ltd.

Brief of  North Night Vision Technology Co.,Ltd.

North Night Vision Technology Co.,Ltd. (Night-vision Group) is a territorial and professional high science & technology sub-group with combination of manufacturing and researching of night vision products, re-combined according to the strategic deploy of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) for adjusting and re-combining night vision technology resource. This is also a further intensification and prolongation for “Kunming Optical-electronic Base”, which is established by Yunnan province government and China North Group Corporation based on “province and ministry cooperation to build Kunming optical and electronic”.

Night-vision Group is founded by re-combining from the former Kunming North Infrared Technology Co., Ltd and Yunnan North optical & electronic instrument Co., Ltd and North Night-vision Technology Co., Ltd. Kunming North Infrared Technology Co., Ltd is now the largest scientific research and manufacturing base for infrared thermal imaging products and the leading enterprise in the infrared field in China. Its technology has come to advanced level in the world. Yunnan North optical & electronic instrument Co., Ltd takes the leading place in low-light level night vision system and complete set, manufacturing of precise optical components in China. North Night-vision Technology Co., is an only research & development and producing enterprise in low-light level imager intensifier in China, technology level and manufacturing capability of products is at the fourth in the world.

After re-combination, Night-vision Group has 2.5 billion yuan registered capital, owned by China North Group Corporation, Kunming North Infrared Technology Co., Ltd and Yunnan Vestment Holding Group Co.,. NORINCO GROUP holds 80 percent share, and Yunnan Vestment Holding Group Co., holds 20 percent share. Night-vision Group is a night vision industry base of infrared and low-light level key components with the highest professional technology and the largest manufacturing capability in China. This is a high science & technology sub-group founded on modern enterprise system with clear property right and obligation. Its industry scope and technology level are at the forefront in the world.

Staff in Night-vision Group is about 3205, wherein 71 professors, 258 senior engineers. Senior engineer occupy 10% of total staff. The Night-vision Group has 20 doctors, 242masters, 1263 undergraduate or more employees. Undergraduate or more employee occupy 47.6% of total staff.

After re-combination, headquarters of Night-vision Group is located in Kunming. Its science research and producing base is set-up in Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone, Kunming Haikou, Nanjing and Xian. A subsection is also set-up in Beijing. Main scope of business in Night-vision Group is as follows: infrared detector, low-light level imager intensifier, infrared thermal imager, low-light level equipment, precise optical processing, precise machining, OLED display and a research and development department.

We are trying our best to make Night-vision Group to a high science & technology modern enterprise with international competitive power.

Exhibiting Products

1. Series of Low-light-level Device

2. Series of Infrared Device

3. Series of Infrared Thermal Imager

4. Series of Low-light-level Night Vision Device