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Exhibits of NORINCO GROUP—North Navigation Technology Group Co., Ltd.,

Brief of North Navigation Technology Group Co., Ltd.,

North Navigation Technology Group Co., Ltd., as one of the professional subsidiaries of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), was founded in November, 2009. Its members mainly include 9 public enterprises and institutions, such as China North Industries Institute of Navigation and Control Technology (public institution), North Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. (listed company), Harbin JianCheng Group Co., Ltd (a key enterprise for national security and defense), Xi'an North JieRui Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Focusing on Inertial Technologies(Fiber Optic Gyro, Laser Gyro, Micro-machined Gyroscope and etc.) and their applications, the group is dedicated to expanding the civilian market of inertial navigation, control technology and communication technology.

In charge of the overall planning and management of the Company's resources of navigation and control technology, and in keeping with the development of equipment informationization, the group is aimed to establish a military and civilian production base, featured by integrated production and research, excellent expertise, and high technology, and centered around the R & D of the navigation, controlling technology and its core systems.