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Exhibits of NORINCO GROUP—Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China

Brief of Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China

Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China, owned by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), is an integrated research institute , and it is approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council as Master’s and Doctor’s Degree authorized organization.

Since set up, under the proper leadership of NORINCO GROUP and other upper-level departments, Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China makes 'Leading ordnance science and technology' as their priority. All scientific researchers have been striving tenaciously for progress and innovation, and promoting vigorously the ordnance science and technology innovation and technological progress, thus playing an important role in leading and supporting our ordnance industry development.

Looking into the future, all scientific researchers in Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China will make new and greater contribution to the innovative development of ordnance science and technology.

Exhibiting Products

1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Detection and Work Platform

2. Microwave Radiometer

3. Laser Raindrop Spectrometer

4. Airborne Precipitation Dispender

5. Efficient Hail-suppression and Precipitation Rocket

6. Laser Cloud Particle Detector

7. Auxiliary decision-making Command & Control Platform

8. ZBZ-DFL-2 Airborne Weather Modification Operation System

9. X-band Double Polarization Doppler Weather Radar

10. 57mm Digital Figure Anti-aircraft Gun System