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5 North Industries Group Finance Co.,Ltd.

North Industries Group Finance Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “NORFICO”) was founded in May 18th 1997. As a new financial organization, it takes the duty of providing fund management and financial service for the group and its subsidiaries. Until May 18th of this year, NORFICO has passed a decade that is uneven, ten years of foot-trace prove a dream, ten years of development win the credit. With the reform and development growing of the group, originating from a beginner in financial field, it has become an important financial platform with certain scale and influence and trusted by the group. Getting social concern, support and help in ten years, lead correctly by party leadership group and company’s board of directors, NORFICO persisted the rule of "being based on the group, relying on the group, serving the group" and the policy of "safety first, service first and stable operation", claims the spirit of "loyal, high efficiency, pursing truth, development", strictly executes every national supervisory rule, standardizes operation and management, creates complete financial tools and service methods, sufficiently develops the group’ financial organization function, which supports the group’ reform and development and gets better economic effect and social effect, and the total fund of financial service for the group and its subsidiaries has been above 50 billion Yuan, the profit has been over 1 billion Yuan, average property scale has been changed from RMB 0.431 billion in the beginning to RMB 6 billion now, the property quality is held well, bad property ratio is kept under 1%. After ten years of operation, NORFICO has trained a team with higher synthetic quality and professional operation, which is loyal to the group, and loyal to NORFICO. The stuff team has grown from about 20 persons in the beginning to more than 80 persons who come from finance, accountancy, law, management profession and have experience; continuously build and enlarge balancing network which serves to the group and its subsidiaries, the web covering range has achieved above 70%; build and complete a system that has NORINCO GROUP finance characteristics and full operations system, especially with the style loan operation "sending charcoal in snow", bill business, stock investment, international and civil balance, etc, gradually form the characteristics of NORFICO, the financial providing service for the group and subsidiaries continuously becomes full and complete, and the service quality and level stably increase.

The financial service provided by NORFICO makes important support and enhance function to the group’ development, and the fast development of the group provides the important basic and condition to strength operation of NORFICO, at the same time higher request and hope to NORFICO has been proposed, giving it new duty and responsibility. The past decade is a base, it is also a mileage monument, and furthermore it is a newer commencement for the future. NORFICO will take corporation idea from practice, continuously enlarge communication and cooperation with society, from share holder conference and board of directors, a long-term development pattern was proposed for NORFICO, namely constructing the “two platforms” of financial service and fund management, and the "three centers" of internal balance of account, fund financing and finance management, quicken net construction, strength finance creature, enhance professional team construction, under the premise of safety insurance, takes effort to enlarge operation scale, provide strong finance support for the group to realize its great strategy to possess international competitive ability and develop well and quickly, and make larger contribution to national defense and harmony society.