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15 North General Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

North General Electronics Group Co., Ltd., affiliated to China North Industries Group Corporation(NORINCO GROUP), is a key overall planning construction unit authorized nationally for keeping defense. It is a unique unit to develop and manufacture special fire control radars matched with conventional weapon armament domestically. It is also a unique unit to research and develop microelectronic technology specialty in NORINCO GROUP. It has achieved leadership domestically in technological product fields, such as overall system of air defense fire control radar, millimeter wave devices and integrated application, etc. Nearly 100 provincial and ministerial achievement rewards or above are acquired accumulatively. The corporation has made quite great progress in the field of military and civil integrated industrialization.

North General Electronics Group Co., Ltd always insists on developing course of "Specialty, Precise, Featuring, Excellent", the group constantly enlarges market field, and boosts technology innovation, while we enhance team construction, and exerts arms radar special technical features and arms microelectronic special technical advantageous to implement radar products and microelectronic product industrialization, moreover, we has tried our best to occupy advance position in domestic high tech arms radar and microelectronic technology field, and build up a well known tactical radar industrial group and domestic topping national defense microelectronic research and development base, and make new greater contribution to informationization of our army equipment and national economy modernization construction.