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23 Hubei Jiangshan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Hubei Jiangshan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a large-scaled enterprise under guidance of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), which is an important designing and manufacturing base in China specialized in military products and civilian electromechanical products.

The general headquarters is located in high-technology district, Xiangyang city. In the high-technology district, there is a Jiangshan Science-technology Field, which takes Research and Development Center of national grade and Technology Center as main part. There is also a Military-civilian-product-combined Jiangshan Industry Field which is based on mounting and commissioning of complete of large electromechanical equipment. A strong comprehensive base is located in Laohekou city mainly for casting, forging, punching, riveting, heat treatment and surface treatment and machining for all kinds of large, medium and small parts. Special vehicles, NC machines, hydraulic parts and assemblies and kinds of gear-boxes from the four sub-companies have become the chief core products being sold into the challenging market.

In the following forty years after the company founded, our company alwaysconcentrates on scientific research; always make efforts to invite nationwide men of ability. It has made outstanding achievements in National multiple areas of focus. During the development process, President Hu Jintao has come to inspect our company, and member of standing committee of CPC and Premier Wen Jiabao has come to inspect our company respectively. Our company has awarded certificate of merit of National May 1st Labor, and has awarded certificate of merit of Hubei province’s May 1st Labor, and has been honored as an advanced enterprise in NORINCO GROUP.

Our company has received much support and trust from many customers and suppliers in the development process and received much care and cherish from various circle. As the member unit of NORINCO GROUP, our company will be guided by the overall strategy of NORINCO GROUP and continuously increase the self-creating ability, improving the developing quality from all aspects. Meanwhile, we are trying to perform social responsibility enthusiastically and make effort to develop with the era, social and partner in accordance with the spirit of “creation, dedication, dealing with concrete matters relating to work and opening”.