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24 Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation

Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation (the original wuhan heavy machine tool plant, hereinafter referred to as WuChong) is domestic production of heavy, machine tool, the biggest super-heavy specifications with complete varieties of large mainstay enterprise, the products serve to energy, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, railway, aviation, spaceflight, war industry and other industries. The leading products are heavy duty, super-heavy vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, do not fall round the lathe, the horizontal milling and boring machine to console milling and boring machine, the goal and boring and milling machine, rotary worktable and all kinds of gear hobbing, special machinery equipment for 8 categories, more than 50 series, more than 300 varieties. Heavy machine tool product all realization to numerical control. Among them, CKX53200 type 20 meters of simple columnar mobile vertical milling super-heavy numerical control lathe, the CKX5680 type table 8 meters seven axis CNC milling five linkage heavy car complex processing machine tools; XKD2755 type longmen 6.8 meters wide, long 57 m CNC double longmen mobile boring and milling machine; DL250 type 5 m 500 tons bearing super-heavy horizontal boring lathe; Y311250 type 12.5 meters large vertical gear hobbing and other products represent the national level, to fill in a domestic blank. Most of the products to the international level of the ninety s, super-heavy numerical control vertical lathe, super-heavy horizontal lathe, numerical control the super-heavy mobile boring and milling machine to contemporary international advanced level. At present, has completed the leading product high-grade compound upgrade technology and especially super-heavy machine tool all realization compound processing, WuChong technology innovation, extreme manufacturing are the forefront of the industry. Among them, have the world's largest specifications, the biggest of the bearing super-heavy numerical control vertical lathe series products (machining diameter 28 meters), super-heavy horizontal lathes series products (processing 6 meters, two top 500 tons bearing), numerical control double the super-heavy portable boring and milling machine (processing width 10 meters), become WuChong to the national key industries and national defense construction to provide important technical equipment of the most competitive brand, and it is also the only can produce many varieties of the machine tool factory super-heavy.

The enterprise awarded many national, provincial, municipal rewards, CKX53160 type 16 m CNC lathe vertical milling simple columnar movement of 2004 China machinery industry scientific and technological progress first prize, won the 2005 national science and technology progress prize, is the machine tool industry become the highest reward. In June 2006, the national development and reform committee awarded WuChong "in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in work made important contributions to the title of", WuChong hubei is the only won the honor of units, but also on the national machine tool industry award one of three enterprise. Numerical control vertical lathe, vertical turning processing center, simple columnar vertical gear hobbing, CNC set beam gantry boring and milling machine, be born milling and boring machine series product won the title of hubei province famous brand. Heavy nc boring and milling machine-XK, TK, TR, FB series products of 2006 China famous brand title. In January 2007, the ministry of commerce awarded "WuChong" brand machine tool "the most competitive brand" title. In 2007, WuChong technology center was national five ministries recognized as national enterprise technology center. 2008 "WuChong card" numerical control made by the state quality inspection administration car issued "the country avoids check product quality certificate, WuChong by the provincial state-owned assets supervision of hubei province as the reform of state-owned enterprises development 30 anniversary excellent enterprise, is the province won 10 home one of enterprises.

WuChong regard developing equipment manufacturing industry for oneself, with "nc heavy, development super-heavy machine implementation whole moves transform" project as a turning point, accelerating technological transformation, and improving manufacturing capacity and manufacturing technology level. Wu to plant was established, will become the biggest and the world first-class modern numerical control machine tool manufacturing base and national heavy heavy machine tools r&d center and international cooperation in central processing base.

WuChong will continue to adhere to the independent innovation and technology of the introduction of technology development route, establishment of the enterprises as the main body with the combination of the combination of technology innovation system, strengthen product applicable objects of research, realize the heavy machine key common technology and system integration technology innovation goal, to improve the technical level and heavy machine tools product reliability, with independent intellectual property rights of the domestic high-grade nc heavy machine tools equipment China, improving the core competitive power, for the equipment manufacturing industry in China to provide more localization high-grade numerical control machine equipment to make the contribution.