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27 Yuxi Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

According to the strategies plan of NORINCO GROUP, Yuxi Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yuxi Group), a large industrial enterprise attached to NORINCO GROUP and one of the national key units for ordnance materials, was reorganized by exerting the regional advantages of Yuxi ammunition base. It was reorganized by several state-owned factories, with an area of more than 15 million square meters, total assets of 3 billion Yuan, 15,000 employees and more than 12,000 sets of advanced equipment. The group now possesses seven Majority-owned subsidiaries, the State-level Enterprise Technical Center, the Province-level Military Product Reserch & Development Center, Central South Region Dismantle Center for Decommissioned Ammunition and Defense Region Metering Station.

Yuxi Group adheres to the research and develops of the civilian goods including diamonds, copper profiles, special vehicles and forgeable pieces on the concept of military-based and the military-civilian combination. Synthetic diamond has been rated as “China’s Top Brand” Product for years, with its overall quantity of production and sale and comprehensive capacity of competition ranking first in the world. Copper profiles and special vehicle technologies are leading in the domestic market.

During the period of 12th Five-Year Plan, to raise the ability of production and enhance its position in the related fields, Yuxi Group will focus on innovation and development by readjusting and optimizing structures, transforming the modes of development. The group plans to obtain the revenue of 10 billion yuan by 2015, and create an enterprise group with assets of 10 billion yuan, achieving the big promotion of technology status, market and strategic position.