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29 Huaihai Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Huaihai Industry Group Co., Ltd. under China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP) has already had over 70 years’ glorious history. Its predecessor is the Huangyadong Munition Factory, which was set up on Taihang Mountain in September, 1938.

Huaihai Industry Group is located in Changzhi, one of the China’s Top Ten Charming Cities, in Shanxi Province. It is a key national military enterprise and is graded as First-Class Measurement Company and Second-Class Secrecy Company. The company occupies more than 5.6 million square meters, has over 7100 employees. Among its employees, over 860 have acquired intermediate or senior professional titles, 36 are Graduate-Level Senior Engineers, 34 are Doctors or Masters, 93 are NORINCO GROUP-Level or Company-Level Leading Persons in Science and Technology or Key Skills, and 16 have acquired and been enjoying State Department Special Government Subsidies. There are over 6300 pieces (sets) of various equipments. Among them, over 380 are precision CNC machining equipments and over 50 are highly advanced and sophisticated machining centers, which can be used to realize 3D solid modeling and precise machining on various curved surfaces through advanced software such as pro/E, UG, CAD and CAM, etc. The PDM digital production line has realized ERP management on information-based platform. Total Quality Control has been carried out in the advanced casting and forging production line and in the specialized surface treatment and heat treatment process. Advanced technology such as material analysis inspection, precision flaw detection inspection and 3D coordinate inspection have been applied in the main monitoring links in components machining process. All kinds of testing methods and conditions such as simulation, wind tunnel and shooting range are taken to offer precise data support for product R&D and components machining. Non-silicon MEMS Fine Structure Machining Technology is classified as high-end technology in National Defense Industry by NORINCO GROUP, and is considered to be one of “the Top Twelve Research and Appliance Centers”. Now, the company has finished the construction of its Non-Silicon MEMS production line, and the trial production has been started.

Nowadays, it is widely accepted that “the technological level determines the market status, and the market status determines the enterprise’s status”. So in recent years, Huaihai Industry Group has kept aiming at constructing high technological and international military industry, keeping close track of advanced technology development home and abroad, and persisting in the innovative “production-learning-research” combination development road for both military and civil products. As a result, its innovative capability has been enormously improved. For military products, simulation research has been already successfully transformed into joint R&D or independent R&D, transformation from conventional mechanical products into digital, intelligent and delicate products has been gradually realized, and six major classes of core technology has been formed. Civil products have been expanded from products with low added value into high technological field including artificial heart, MEMS components, special vehicles, automobile engine, heavy-duty vehicle components, precision vehicle components, plastic and steel profile materials, plastic injection equipments, electric driven tool’s drilling bit, etc. The product structure has been successfully changed to a certain degree.

Nowadays, under various advantageous conditions, the company has got ready to work harder to make further great progresses. Huaihai Industry Group has grown into a high technological and modernized enterprise in military industry, and has become a large-sized base for a series of production including digital precision manufacture and non-ferrous metal casting and forging.