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30 Northwest Industries Group Co., Ltd.

Northwest Industries Group Co., Ltd. established on Dec. 28, 2010, is a large scale sub-group controlled by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP). The group is merged and reorganized by Xi’an Dong Fang Group Co. Ltd. Xi’an North Huashan Mechanical&Electric Co. Ltd. Xi’an North Qinchuan Group Co. Ltd. and Lanzhou North Electromechanical Co. Ltd. Its headquarters is located at No. 1 XingFu Road (South), Xincheng District, Xi’an.

Through specialized and large-scaled development, the group now has formed 3 core industries, including high-tech materials, auto parts and components, and electromechanical equipment. In aspect of the machining and equipment manufacturing, the company has advantages in talents, technology and manufacture, and it has successfully produced serial products of air-conditioning compressors and block machine etc. The company also closely cooperates with international famous auto parts enterprise, and forms auto parts and components plate which is led by heavy car parts and oil pipe for auto etc. Relying on hi-tech advantage of military industry, the company has achieved industrialization development of hi-tech material plate in TFT-LCD color liquid crystal display material and anode material for lithium cell,etc.

In order to achieve escalation and sustainable development, promote industry status and become a civil-military integrated hi-tech industry group, the company will persist in strategic concept of “S&T leading, market traction, innovation propulsion, harmonious development”.

Basing on innovation and serving society, Northwest Industries Group Co. Ltd would like to widely cooperate with economic partners all over the world, and hand in hand with these partners to create a better future.