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31 Northeast Industries Group Co.,Ltd.

Northeast Industries Group Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned sub-group of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), a newly setup company after the conglomeration of former Jilin Jiangbei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Jilin Dongguang Group Corporation in 2011, whose registered capital is 109.27 million yuan.

The group is headquartered in Changchun, Jilin province, owns the following 9 controlled and participated subsidiaries, Jilin Jiangji Company and Jilin Dongguang Fine Machinery Factory (2 sub-branches), Jilin Dongguang Aowei Brake System Co., Ltd and Jilin Norinco GKN Driveshaft Co., Ltd (2 wholly-owned subsidiaries), Shandong Pengxiang Automobile Co., Ltd (controlled), Changchun Yidong Clutch Stock Co., Ltd (controlled and publicly listed), Jilin Dahua Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd (controlled), Jilin Dongguang Yusei Machinery Co., Ltd (controlled) and Jilin Koito Dongguang Auto Lamps Co., Ltd (participated).

The subsidiaries and their production bases of the group are located in Changchun, Jilin and Dehui in Jilin province; Penglai in Shandong province; Wuhu in Anhui province; Liuzhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Chengdu in Sichuan province; and Chongqing Municipality. Northeast Industries Group has 11,000 employees, 5.8 billion yuan assets, covering a piece of land of 11.04 million square meters, among which industrial use area is 570,000 square meters. Meanwhile, the sales volume of the group has reached 6 billion yuan.

While focusing on carrying out core functions of NORINCO GROUP, Northeast Industries Group is engaged in developing, producing and supplying automobile parts and special purpose vehicles. And automobiles parts mainly include drive and steering axles, body frames, the whole brake systems, clutches, flywheel and ring gears, lamps, mirrors, rubber suspensions, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic dumping mechanisms, drive shafts, connecting rods, crank shafts and plastic parts etc.

The major business covers drive system, brake system, transmission system, electronic-electrical control system, vehicle body and its parts for heavy-, middle- and light-duty commercial trucks, and cars, mini-vans and buses; and mine-oriented truck, dumping trucks and semi-trailers. So Northeast Industries Group is one of the core Tier 1 suppliers of vehicle and engine OE makers in North America, Europe, South Asia etc countries and regions as well as in China. Our group is also one of the two pillar 10 billion yuan scale automobile parts group supported by Jilin province government, of 10 billion Yuan RMB scale groups of and supported by China North Industries Group Corporation.

Our group has one state certified technology center and one post doctoral research center, owns famous talented experts databank in the business fields, and built up a co-developing mechanism together with universities, institutes as well as foreign research facilities.

Our group has mastered and owned many leading technologies in home and abroad; till now has filed over 100 patents, has firstly developed products and technology and filled the vacancy of this filed in China, has one well-known trademark of China, and three well-known trademarks of provinces.

Our group is seeking for extensive and all-round cooperation with partners of advanced technologies in order to realize a win-win and co-development result and as per our enterprise culture is being responsible, innovative, pragmatic and successful, to build up an ambitious, responsible and respected Northeast Industries Group business team in order to become a group conglomerating civil and military business, of superb competitive capability in business fields, and of operating and running globally, for the purpose of contributing much to continuous and fast development of NORINCO GROUP and China Automobile Industry.