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34 Shandong Special Industry Group Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Special Industry Group Co.,Ltd. (SSIGC) founded in January 1949, is located at Boshan District, Zibo, SSIGC owns 3000 staffs among whom 800 are engineers and technicians. It covers 2.80 million square meters, and has a total asset of 940 million yuan. The company has integrated design, testing and production ability on casting, machining, stamping, forging, welding, tooling, heat treatment, surface treatment and precision cast loading. The civil products of the group have been granted the rights of self-import and self-export rights.

While undertaking some key research programs, it constantly strengthens the strategic administration of the military products and closely follows the trend of modern arms to do better in the research of military programs and the supply of military products. Meanwhile, SSIGC diligently implements the policy of “balanced development of military products and civil ones” and makes a lot efforts in the research and optimizing of the latter with the guidance of the market. Sticking to the policy of developing the military and civil products in an appropriate way, SSIGC emphasizes the institutional innovation and continually improves the two level management systems of civil products. Now the company has formed a management pattern which includes auto parts, engineering parts, civil explosive material and foreign trade business.

In order to improve the scientific and R&D capabilities, our company strengthens the cooperation with national top colleges and founded Explosion State Key Laboratory of Science and Technology (Beijing Institution of Technology) , Shandong Research Base, Engineering Research Center of Automobile Spindles of Shandong Province and Engineering Research Center of Oil Perforation Seismic of Shandong Province with the joint effort of Shandong University of Technology and Nanjing University of Science & Technology. Using the social resource effectively to upgrade products structure, our company’s ability of self-dependent innovation and research has been improved a lot.

SSIGC follows the work style of being Strict, Meticulous, Reality and Perseverance, the promotion of the enterprise spirit of Innovation, Dedication, being Pragmatic and Open, the upholding of the management idea “manage the company like managing the army, love the company like loving your family” and strengthens the technological innovation, lays stress on structure adjustment, changes the development mode, hence its soft power got a further enhance. In a word, Shandong Special Industry Group Co.,Ltd. will better the fulfillment of its strategic goal and make itself a more quickly market-responding and much more competitive modern enterprise balanced in both government issue and civil products.