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35 Liaoning Huajin Chemicals Group Corporation

Liaoning Huajin Chemicals Group Corporation (Huajin Group), a subsidary group under China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), which is the platform for NORINCO GROUP to develop petro-chemical and fine chemical industries. Huajin Group has Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemials Co., Ltd., Panjin Northern Asphalt Co.,Ltd. etc. and has set up three production bases respectively located in Panjin, Huludao, Liaoning Province, and Kuche, Xinjiang Province. Since more than 30 years development, Huajin Group has formed three leading industries such as petro-chemicals, chemical fertilizers and road asphalt. The existing production capacity is respectively 7000KT/Y refinery plant, 1800KT/Y diesel, 700KT/Y ethylene, 1000KT/Y synthetic resin, 1500KT/Y urea, 1000KT/Y road asphalt, 200KT/Y lub oil. Huajin Group has more than 12, 000 employees with total assets of 33.5 billion yuan. Its annual sales revenue is over 40 billion yuan.

 Huajin Group intends to create a domestic leading & an international class for petro-chemical & fine chemical industry bases,  and shall take petro-chemical, chemical fertilizer and road asphalt as its main development direction so as to make the three leading industries grow stronger and larger and to form the core competitive advantage.