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36 Planning and Research Institute

Planning and Research Institute is a scientific research institution under China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP). With research of strategy and consultation of investment as the major businesses, the Institute is an important strategic and scientific research team and a supporting organization of NORINCO GROUP engaging in research of development strategy, research of top design of industrial development, research of development and reform, verification of putting into authorized plan of a major military and civilian capacity construction project and its feasibility study and evaluation, consultation of civilian blasting project as well as research of weapons and equipment mobilization.

In the institute, there are numerous organizations, including Research Center of National Defense Industry Mobilization, Research Center of Science, Technology and Industry of National Defense Mobilization, Engineering Technical Consultation Center of Civilian Blasting Material, Strategic Research Center of China Ordnance Industry and Research Center of Finance of China Ordnance Industry are set up in succession by the National Development & Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, State Administration of Science, Technology & Industry of National Defense and China North Industries Group. Having thirty years experience of development, the Institute has built up six main business sectors, including research on strategic planning and policy, verification and evaluation of investment project, research on national economy and weapon and equipment mobilization, research on finance and economy, engineering consultation and design and agency of project tendering. The Institute has the Class A qualification certificate of engineering consultation, engineering design and engineering cost consultation.

The Institute has cultivated a large number of talents including highly specialized research personnel and experts who have been engaging for a long time in the fields of development strategy research, long- and medium-term planning, macro-economic analysis, consultation and evaluation of investment project and engineering design. Now the Institute has 130 scientific and technical personnel of various specialties, including 2 Scientific and technical forerunner of NORINCO GROUP, 3 members of science and technology committee of State Administration of Science, Technology & Industry of National defense. Within the total staffs in the Institute, over 30% has the degree of doctor and master and 45% are the senior engineers or even higher. It takes in the leading position in the national defense science and technology industry regarding the overall level of strategic planning research, feasibility study evaluation of investment project, weapon and equipment mobilization research, as well as design and consultation of civil blasting project. A dozens of research results made by the Institute have won the prize of scientific and technical progress of national defense industry and national excellent engineering consultation result awarded by China Engineering Consultation Association. It possesses an important position in the policy-making consultation field in the national defense industry system and ordnance industry system and has won a good reputation.

Planning and Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry will thoroughly apply the Scientific outlooks on Development, insisting in a development strategy of “Based on Ordnance Industry with national defense industry in view, to power the Institute by talents through coordinated and sustainable development”. The institute will follow the enterprise spirit of Scientific and Scrupulous, Realistic and Creative, Unity and Cooperative and Hard Struggle and Dedicate, and make every effort to establish first-class planning and consultation unit in combination of military and civilian purposes in China to support strategic development of national defense industry and ordnance industry. Standing at a new historical starting point with the Group's aim of building first-class defense group in the world and an important industrial base of state heavy-duty equipment, special chemicals and opto-electronic information, the institute will devote himself to making more contributions for gaining the target set by China North Industries Group of establishing hi-tech internationalized ordnance industry and bringing up a state strategic team with high aspiration, responsibility and respects.