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38 China Wuzhou Engineering Group

According to the strategic plan of China North Industries Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “NORINCO GROUP”) “Taking professional technology as foundation and taking technological renovation ability as core to promote the market position and industry competitiveness and build a domestically leading and internationally reputed internationalized corporation” and follow the development trend of domestic and international engineering survey design industry and meet the requirement of industrialization development of NORINCO GROUP, China Wuzhou Engineering Corporation Ltd.(CWEC), the subsidiary group of engineering service industry, is regrouped by the former member units of Wuzhou Engineering Design and Research Institute and NORINCO GROUP Survey Design and Research Institute. The registered capital is 114,750,000 Yuan. There are 1200 staffs in the corporation.

Core mission: by taking “Ordnance oriented, market based, innovation & development” as operation idea, the CWEC will serve the whole national economy based on ordnance system, provide whole-process and integrated services for engineering construction so as to promote the core competitiveness and market influence of the corporation .

Development orientation: Take serving the national defence industry construction and national economic construction as start point to fully support military and civilian products development of NORINCO GROUP. We shall work actively to open both domestic and overseas markets, by taking project management and total engineering contracting as key points; taking the engineering design of industries involving explosives, ammunition, civilian blasting equipment, fine chemicals , tobacco, environment sanitation & energy resources, municipal & civilian architecture, optical-mechanical-electrical technology; the survey technologies of the fields like railway & road, nuclear power & thermal power, petroleum chemical industry, information industry, geological disaster and environment improvement and other emerging fields as main operations, so as to build an international engineering corporation which integrates the whole process of engineering construction of consulting, survey, design, supervision, project management, inspection & monitoring, total engineering contracting and engineering service of investment & financing.

Overall development philosophy: By means of taking Scientific View of Development as guidance, taking market as orientation, taking benefit as center and taking intensive operation as measure to promote the market position and industry position of the corporation, optimize resource allocation and cultivate core competitiveness; further adjust business structure, accelerate the development step of total engineering contracting, push on the science and technology innovation, improve development quality and sustained development ability, make effort to establish harmonious corporation, build the well-known brand of survey and design corporation, push on the healthy and harmonious development of survey and design industry of ordnance project on the new start point. By taking the above measures, the corporation will be built into an international engineering corporation that can satisfy modern corporation system with core competitiveness and scientific innovation ability.

China Wuzhou Engineering Corporation Ltd. will follow the corporation spirit of NORINCO GROUP: Innovation, Dedication, Reality and Opening, to contribute to the construction of hi-tech and international ordnance industry and the establishment of an aspiring, responsible and respectable national strategic team; we shall make our effort to provide whole process engineering construction services for the construction of international top-ranking defence group of NORINCO GROUPand constructions of national important industry bases of heavy equipment, special chemical engineering, photoelectric information and so on.