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39 Norendar International Ltd.


Norendar International Ltd., a member of China North Industries Group (NORINCO GROUP), is a China national multidisciplinary engineering consultancy with 379.7 million yuan in assets by the end of 2010, which was reorganized in 2010 by merging two large national survey and design firms established in 1952.

Norendar is owned by the State, organized in a structure of hybrid matrix system, and composed mainly of multidisciplinary engineering design and research departments; engineering survey, design and research departments, and specialized design and research departments. It has its headquarters in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, China and maintains its eleven branches, distributed in other China major cities, like Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tangshan, Xiamen, Xi’an, etc.

Chinese and English are both available languages in our firm.

Scope of Services

Our firm’s core business is to offer consultant services, including pre-investment and feasibility studies; engineering survey and reconnaissance; design and administration of construction; and project management.

The detailed services our firm can offer are as follows:

¨ Preparation of project identification reports

¨ Feasibility studies

¨ Selection of project sites

¨ Master/overall planning

¨ Industrial project engineering design

¨ Architectural and building engineering design

¨ Project cost estimates/budgets

¨ Project management

¨ Review of construction documents

¨ Construction supervision

¨ Survey of underground pipelines and geographic information system development

¨ Geotechnical engineering survey for high-rise buildings, express highways and high-speed railways

¨ Series geotechnical engineering and environmental geotechnical engineering control

¨ Hazard estimate and control of geological disasters

Detection of complex foundations and pile foundations


Our firm holds such qualification certificates as follows:

¨ China national class “A” qualification certificates for design in the following industries: -

military industry; machine building industry; electronics industry (partial); medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; construction industry; commerce, material and grain industry; municipal engineering works (partial);

China national class “A” qualification certificates for the following services: -

pre-investment and feasibility studies; project management; construction supervision; cost estimates/budgets; surveying and mapping; engineering reconnaissance; geological disaster estimate and control; specialized services, e.g. for intelligent buildings; review of construction documents, etc.

Our firm is authorized and entitled to the international business by the Central Government of China and holds ISO9001 Quality System Certificate since September 1997.

Norendar is a full member of FIDIC MA (Member Association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers). In recent years our firm is annually listed among the top 100 national consulting firms in the project engineering sector in China.

Expert Staff

Norendar is staffed by 1246 full-time employees, including: -

¨ One China National Design Maestro;

¨ Six Provincial Maestros of architectural design, engineering design, as well as survey and design;

¨ Two Norinco Group-level and 42 Norendar-level lead engineers;

¨ 337 China national certified engineers, including national first-grade architects, geotechnical and structural engineers, planning engineers, etc.; and

16 senior project managers and 33 project managers.

Engineering Disciplines

Our expert staff provide the professional services in the following engineering disciplines:

¨ Industrial project engineering disciplines (classification based on product engineering): -

Optics, electronics, machinery, motor vehicle (incl. motor cycle), etc.;

¨ Civil building and public service disciplines: -

Architecture, structure, sanitary, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electric power supply and distribution, communications and information engineering, auto-control, heat power engineering, general and transport planning, urban and landscape planning, cost estimates and techno-economy, and environmental engineering;

¨ Equipment engineering, incl. non-standard machinery/ equipment and industrial kiln/furnace; and electromagnetic compatibility environmental engineering;

¨ Survey and design disciplines:

Geotechnical engineering and environmental geotechnical engineering; surveying, mapping and geographical information engineering; geological disaster hazard estimate and control engineering; ground water resources and hydrological geology; geotechnical tests and engineering physical prospecting; and engineering detection.