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42 China Ordnance Society

China Ordnance Society, founded in 1964 by the researches voluntarily in the fields of national science and technology of ordnance and others related fields, is an academic, public welfare and national non-profit social organization. It is also a national society closely affiliated with the China Association of Science and Technology and a full financial allocation public institution authorized by China Organization Office. The administrative subordinating relation is affiliated to China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP). The office located in Haidian District, Beijing, where the humanity, science and technology, economy are highly developed.

After 47 years'unremitting efforts, China Ordnance Society has 44 professional committees, 17 local societies, 7 working committees. The purpose of the society is to serve the defense construction and economic development by organizing and uniting the majority of ordnance scientists to focus on economic construction, carrying forward scientific ideology and promoting academic progress. It serves the wide-ranging technical community through high-quality programs in conferences and publications, personnel recommendation, science popularization, education and accreditation, prize and awards, consulting services and various forms of outreach. At present, it has over 22,286 re-registration members, including 533 senior members, 33 fellow members and 150 corporate members throughout the world.

China Ordnance Society is an important channel for the defense and ordnance industry communication and takes a large number of international exchanges and cooperation tasks. Recently, thousands of various academic meetings have been held to satisfy the needs of the ordnance industrial development and national defense, the College of China Ordnance Engineers Continuing Education belonged to China Ordnance Society, has trained more than 30 million people to meet the need of the ordnance industry. The Society sponsors and publishes 17 academic science journals, which provide a good academic platform for scientists and academic exchanges. Among which, "Ordnance Knowledge" has been published for hundreds of thousands copies, which has made great contributions for the popularization of the defense science and technology.

As a permanent office, China Ordnance Society Secretariat consists of 8 grouped sectors which have overall responsibility for branches operations and management, guidance, supervision and inspection. it has 50 full-time employees, in which, 9 researchers, 11 senior engineers, 1 enjoying special government allowances, 3 MS&Ph.D. The total assets are over tens of millions at the forefront of national industry and academic groups. The per capita wages and benefits is about 90,000 yuan.

For nearly 50 years of development, China Ordnance Society has become the top 10 national level institutes in China Association for Science and Technology. As the only academic organization in ordnance industry, under the leadership of new Council and the efforts of all the staffs of the Secretariat and provincial branches, China Ordnance Society based on the development needs of national defense and ordnance science and technology will continuously forge ahead and communicate actively to become the main channel for scientific and technological exchanges, personnel training, academic exchanges and decision consultant in the fields of defense and ordnance to make a foundation and service for national defense and ordnance development.